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sleaves Natural Leather Balm | 1oz

sleaves Natural Leather Balm | 1oz

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Introducing our Natural Leather Balm, a premium blend crafted from the finest natural ingredients: almond oil, cacao butter, and beeswax. This luxurious balm is designed to deeply condition and rejuvenate vegetable tanned leather, bringing back its natural lustre and suppleness. Each application ensures your leather goods are well-nourished, protected, and looking their best. Perfect for a variety of items, from wallets and card holders to other cherished accessories, our balm is easy to apply and absorbs swiftly without leaving any greasy residue.

Key Points:

  • Made with 100% natural ingredients: almond oil, cacao butter, beeswax
  • Conditions and nourishes vegetable tanned leather
  • Restores suppleness and sheen
  • Easy absorption, non-greasy finish
Disclaimer: Test the product in an inconspicuous, small area prior to full use to ensure compatibility and desired results.



Cacao Butter

Cold press Almond Oil

Instructions for Use

Clean product prior to use with a damp cloth removing any oil, dirt, grit or other surface contaminants.

Rub finger or soft cloth over top of leather balm. Apply to leather product in circular motion, rubbing into leather. Product should still feel waxy / tacky and not dry.

Let sit for 1 to 12 hours depending on level of dryness.

Buff with a lint free cloth.

Reapply as needed.

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Lifetime Guarantee Repair or replacement
Eco-Friendly Sustainably Sourced Leathers
Always Handcrafted Made in Canada

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