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About The Leather

What is "veg tan" leather?

There are a few different processes that a hide can go through to create leather. Tanning is the process of stabilizing the proteins in the hide to allow for it to be used in clothing, accessories and other products without breaking down. Veg tanned leather is produced by using natural vegetable tannins to alter these proteins. 

Is veg tan leather vegan?

No. Veg tan leather is still animal based leather and has been created using animal hides. 

Why only veg tan leather?

The process of tanning leather, when you hear the term Chrome Tanning, utilizes a number of extremely caustic chemicals. Many of these chemicals have been known to end up leeching into the ground and ending up contaminating the water sources around the factories. I wanted to produce my wallets using veg tan leather only, not even a combination of veg tan and chrome tan, to not contribute to this practice. 

Is veg tan a lower quality leather?

Absolutely not. Vegetable tan leather actually takes longer than Chrome tanning. The same cut of leather can still be used so just like Chrome tanned leather there are different qualities of Veg Tan leather. Most of my current line of products use full grain leather. I am also working on some new products that are going to be made using some of the highest quality leathers in the industry including Horween, Hermann Oak, Badalassi Carlo and more.

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About The Products

Do you take custom orders?

No. Sort of. I don't offer any custom design work - like adding pockets, or additional slots or more buttons. The designs that you see in the Shop are what I make. I do offer made to order options. With made to order you can choose the design you like best and then have it made in the leather and stitching color combination you like best. 

How many cards does each product fit?

Great question! On each product you'll see 2 different numbers:

  • base cards: the number of cards that you can comfortably fit in the product when it arrives.
  • max cards: the number of cards you can fit after the product has been worked in or stretched.

You can find various methods of stretching or breaking in new leather wallets and card holders online. Just be careful when it comes to using oils and other wetting agents as they can alter the feel and colour of your product. If you need a little extra room in one of the card slots I suggest adding a business card behind the cards and taking it out a week or two later, this will expand the leather just enough for the cards be pulled out easily without falling out. 

Are sleave covered by a warranty?

Yes, 100%! We want every sleave owner to know that the products they purchase are built to the highest standards. If something should happen to your sleave product that is not related to misuse or abuse contact us and we will either replace or repair it.

What does not related to misuse or abuse mean, you might ask? Don't drop it in a puddle, run it through the wash, cut your bagel on it, let your 4 year old take their markers to it - I'm sure you get the picture.